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Hacking People: Is The Human Brain The Ultimate Attack Vector?

Human beings are an arrogant species. We consider ourselves to be highly evolved. We think we have superior brains. We feel we are in full control of our beliefs and behaviors. Because the alternative—that we’re not in control, and worse, that we can be manipulated—is frightening. And yet, history is brimming with various examples of

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Why All the “Not Secure” Websites These Days?

Have you noticed a sudden rash of websites flagged as “not secure?” Every browser does it a little differently, but all the latest versions of the big four (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari) warn users about unsecured websites. Since July, Chrome has started to mark every website as either “secure” or

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The Risks and Realities of “Security Fatigue”

Back in the day—just ten years ago—a cyber-related incident was a big deal. When a major brand was breached on the internet, people freaked out. It was pretty rare, but when it happened—it was something to remember. Today, cyber risk warnings feel almost constant. When we aren’t hearing about a big-time breach or celebrity vulnerability,

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