Microsoft and Symantec are now collaborating to boost online security for Azure and Office 365, both of which need easier ways for users to adopt a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Through these efforts, the two tech giants will bring world-class security solutions to Azure customers who hope to stay protected from cyberattack and allow them to better protect corporate cloud use, prevent data leaks, and ensure compliance.

Symantec believes organizations using a traditional network infrastructure are now faced with a difficult situation. They explain, “Traditionally, traffic from remote sites and mobile users connects through corporate data centers to access applications and utilizes security infrastructure to access the web. This security architecture can add latency and increase costs as organizations move to Office 365 and Azure.”

The security company incorporated its Web Security Service for customers who wish to move their entire network security stack to the Cloud and bring advanced threat protection technologies to Azure through an integrated cyber defense approach. 50 million people from global communities around the world will benefit from this project. The collaboration between Microsoft and Symantec will bring advanced network security and intelligent cloud infrastructure to users, thereby providing customers with an ideal, trusted cloud platform.

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