Data Breaches

Apple iOS patching error, MoviePass data breach New Facebook privacy controls

You listen to the shared security podcast and discover the confidence you place in people, applications and technology… with your host, Tom Eston. Facebook announces new off-Facebook privacy controls, how Apple made everybody’s iOS system vulnerable and details of the massive MoviePass data breach in episode 83 of August 26, 2019. This week I read

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Australia Banks warn Customers of a fresh PayID data violation

Banks have begun to warn customers of a new PayID data breach, which was reported late Friday to the NPP Australia new payment platform supervision. NPP Australia said that an unrevealed number of PayID records “and associated data in the Addressing Service were exposed by a vulnerability in one of the financial institutions sponsored into

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Monzo Internal Data Breach Incident: Update App and Change PIN

Mobile-only bank, Monzo is the latest victim of a data breach, with the UK-based bank requesting their customers to change their PIN (Personal Identification Number). Upon initial inspection, the bank determined that the customers’ account PIN were recorded into log files which then were made accessible by their own staff. Monzo opened a blog entry

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250GB Stolen Data From Brazillan Bank

Brazillian bank named Banco Pan is at the center of the biggest controversy of its history when it was involved with the release of 250GB worth of their customers’ data to the public. The unprotected server in question is not yet identified at the time of this writing, but it hosts data not only for

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Slack’s Late Forced Password Reset For 2015 Data Breach

The workflow collaboration software Slack is in the hot seat once again for its 2015 data breach, as it only took them till July 18, 2019 (4 years) to announce that they will forcefully implement a password reset for the affected accounts. Slack developers have made the announcement in their official corporate blog site, as

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Personal Information Of Million Bulgarians Taxpayers Stolen

Bulgaria, an Eastern European country of 7 million people is a recent victim of a large-scale data breach, as its state tax agency’s tax information storage servers were hacked last June 2019. No other than its Minister of Finance, Vladislav Goranov issued a public apology for the incident that happened under his watch. Security researchers

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Records show that, a web-based educational firm has suffered a massive 7-million student records breach due to an insecure version of MongoDB database server. Bob Dianchenko a security researcher at Comparitech has witnessed student data from was made public on June 25, 2019. According to his discovery, it took more than a

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Turkey Gov’t: Marriott Hotel’s Fine Due To Data Breach

The Marriott Hotel chain data breach is one of our most covered Cybersecurity stories about Beijing denying the accusation from western powers that it was behind the data breach. We revisit this story, with Turkey imposing a hefty fine against the Marriott Hotel International firm to the tune of 1.5 million Turkish Lira (US$267,352). The

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Common Pitfalls That Increase Likelihood Of Data Breach

Mitigating the effects of IT issues can be a great article for someone who underwent the heartbreak of losing data, whether due to an internal incident or an external threat. However, providing tips for that may be a “late” display of concern, as there is already a victim, the incident (or accident) already happened. The

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Singapore Expects More Data Breaches in the Near Future

Singapore, which saw a drop in common security threats last year, expects to see more data breaches in the near future, says the Cyber Security Agency (CSA). The Cyber Security Agency says that in the near future there would be more frequent data breaches plus disruptive attacks against the cloud, in Singapore. APTs (Advanced Persistent

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