Data Breaches

5 Steps To Recovery After a Data Breach

Data breaches present a constant threat to all organizations. Regardless of how many policies, strategies, or defenses are possible, an experienced hacker can jeopardize them. The consequences of a data breach for a company can be harmful. According to reports, 60% of small businesses are closed within six months of the data breach. It’s important

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A Quick Glimpse On Flipboard Data Breach

When a news aggregator app becomes a part headline news, that only means trouble, a lot of trouble. Flipboard, a mainstream news aggregator app with 500 million+ downloads with at least 150-million unique active users monthly from the Google Play Store alone disclosed that their user account information database fell for a massive data breach

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Paterson Public Schools In Deep Trouble After A Massive Data Breach

Aside from the Healthcare Industry that focuses its funding towards its hospital services to the patients, public schools also do the same – the focus is their interest in educating young people. The idea of having a cyber attack-ready computing infrastructure is not even on the radar, as it is not part of the funding

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Wyzant Online Tutoring Service, A Major Victim Of Data Breach

Wyzant, a mainstream online tutoring service has suffered a major system breach. More damage falls on their customers that use their personal Facebook login for their Wyzant service, as their Facebook information could have been part of the stolen information as well. Wyzant admins detected an abnormal activity in their database last May 2, 2019.

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There are times, that the bad effects of a phishing attack are not immediately felt. The phishers usually run many parallel campaigns all at the same time, and due to volume may take a while for them to “schedule” a “follow-up” attack against a target after a successful phishing expedition. This what happened when,

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Two UK Agencies Commit Accidental Contact Information Leaks

The United Kingdom is currently processing its Brexit documents to complete the process of leaving the European Union for good. But it is now at the very center of another controversy as 240 EU-member state nationals applying for EU settlement scheme program had their email addresses leaked from the UK Home Office due to an

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The State Of BayState Health Data Breach

A huge phishing campaign has brought Baystate Health to losing an estimated 12,000 individual patient record, the Massachusetts-based healthcare provider disclosed. The affected information that was breached includes full name, birthdate, medical record, diagnostic record, health insurance details, and social security numbers. The records were breached from the period of February to March 2019, and

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Data Leak Exposes Mass Surveillance in Xinjiang, China

A data leak has brought to light widespread surveillance that has been happening in the Xinjiang region of China. A data leak that has been discovered by a Dutch security researcher has brought to light the surveillance carried out by a Chinese technology firm in the Xinjiang region, which is home to the majority of

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Millions of Accounts from Unreported Breaches Up for Sale

Reports of data breaches and millions of records being stolen are rather common today. The truth, however, is that in addition to these reported data breaches, there are lots of breaches that go unreported. Some studies point out that over 50 percent of all data breaches do go unreported. Now, here comes another news pertaining

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Image-I-Nation Supply Chain Data Breach Reported

A supply chain data breach detected at Image-I-Nation has reportedly impacted customers of some of the major credit agencies. The supply chain data breach was experienced by Image-I-Nation Technologies, Inc., which provides hosting services and software to consumer reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. As per reports, this breach might have resulted in users’

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