Small and medium sized enterprises are highly relying on data saved on cloud networks. Alongside are the high threats from different sophisticated intruders. Hackers are well funded and determined to develop a more advanced evasion techniques. SMBs are attacked due to limited awareness and investment for the cyber security solutions.

Enterprises are mindful regarding the need to adopt to an effective security solutions. Cyber security as a service market is expected to rise. The market is estimated to expand by 13%. The segment of auditing and logging from the cyber security market is expected to surge. This applications are used in the organizations to audit unauthorized access on internal systems or network. It is forecast that market in North America will dominate the global cyber security as a service market accounting for dominant share in revenue.

Cyber security providers will use high level of expertise and specially developed tools to support small and medium enterprises for the threat detection and mitigation. Furthermore, when the industries adopts to the cloud deployment,cloud security spending will increase, involving security solutions and services for the end-to-end security. To drive the cyber security as a service market are the rising number of devices connected to internet and the adoption of trends such as bring your own devices(BYODs).

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