IT Security

What Is Brute force And Dictionary Attacks?

Brute force attack means a repeated login attempt by criminals using every possible method like; letter, characters, number, and other combinations to guess a password. The attacker uses this technique to get one of the three things: an administrator password, a password hash key, or an encryption key. Getting a short password can be easy

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How to Protect Your Website From a Cyber Attack

Your website is your calling card to attract customers, and an unexpected cyber-attack can cost you both time and money. What types of activity are you monitoring from the back end? With the right tools, your website can increase its security and prevent an attack. To avoid becoming the next victim, it’s time to take

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Security Trends To Watch Out for in 2019

The IT industry had its share of joy and innovations in the year 2018. We saw new technologies coming up, industries trying to explore AI and blockchain, and neutral networks dominated the scene. These technologies tried to make way into other sectors or industries and business, allowing the user to have a hands-on disruption and

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