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1,300+ Apps Bypass Android Permission Restrictions

Android 6.0 Marshmallow (and later) is hailed for giving its default user the capability to grant/deny granularly the permissions asked by apps, something that only rooted/custom roms users were able to do prior. However, contrary to the permissions feature, a study conducted by the University of Calgary, U.C. Berkeley, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and

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5 Features Of Android To Aid Pen Testing

We are living in a different world now compared to 10 years ago. Before, the most important thing for a developer to reach is a working-state for his/her application. The program needs to run without crashing, regardless of what video card, amount of memory, processor clock speed and the storage used in the computer where

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Why 13 Is A Frightening Number For Android Apps

The number 13 is typically a unlucky number for most people in the Western world. Many apartment buildings and office towers skip the number altogether, jumping straight from floor 12 to floor 14. There’s even a recognized phobia for the number known as triskaidekaphobia! No other numbers have fancy Greek-named phobias that are officially recognized

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