Safely Dealing With Network Security In The Age of BYOD

The introduction of telework that allows people to work from outside the office using PCs and smartphones is also in progress. If telecommuting spreads, employees will be able to spend time commuting to work. In addition, you can flexibly work according to personal circumstances, such as being able to work while raising children and taking

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Inevitable Computing Changes In The Enterprise

We may be witnessing a massive change in the enterprise IT space, fueled by the evolution of personal computing. The days of companies spending a lot of its funding in purchasing physical servers, maintenance, energy and the labor cost of running it 24/7 with regular hardware refresh cycle are fast becoming outdated. Yes, there is

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Firm’s Convenience VS Security, A Free Choice

As we have emphasized in this website many times in the past, security and convenience are two opposing principles when it comes to the digital lifestyle of an individual or a business entity. Each time convenience becomes the focus for an entity, the natural side-effect of a wider attack surface is the result. The measure

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