Cloud Security

Is Cloud-Computing An Inevitable Infrastructure To Embrace?

As the practical application of cloud computing becomes cheaper, there are still many people who still have vague anxieties about security. Examine the security of the public cloud itself and the dangers hidden in the operation of users, and explain the security strategy that should be considered in cloud utilization. The safety and security of

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Timid Cloud-Infrastructure Adaptation Is A Risky

Today’s use of the cloud infrastructure in the enterprise is advancing and adoption is accelerating, but we still hear opposition to it, with claims that making cloud-computing the centerpiece of the firm’s computing dependence is a huge security concern. On the other hand, it is also true that there is a big advantage such as

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Malware That Can Pull To Pieces Cloud Security Protections

A new kind of malware has been identified that can remove cloud security products. In a report released on Thursday by researchers from Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 said that “the malware samples they obtained, which are used by a hacking group known as “Rocke,” showed that they can dismantle security products from compromised Linux

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