About Monero Malware Troajn Win32.Fysna and its infection

Since cryptojacking malware came into the scene, its favorite cryptocurrency to mine at the expense of its victims is Monero. This is due to the simplicity of mining XMR compared to Bitcoin (BTC), where stolen GPU and CPU cycles can be used for resolving hashes. Recently, Check Point has once again discovered the growing number

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Formjacking is Getting Popular Among CyberCriminals

Formjacking is emerging to be one of the most favorite methods of hacking among cybercriminals across the globe. Formjacking is the hacking technique in which cybercriminals target retail websites with a malicious code that helps them in snatching customers’ credit card information. Thousands of websites are targeted every month in this manner and this kind

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Something Actually Needs To Be Done About This Scary Cryptojacking Epidemic

Monero is a popular form of cryptocurrency, and it’s also the most common digital coin for cryptomining malware. There are two main reasons for Monero’s popularity with cyberattackers. The first is, it’s the cryptocurrency that’s generated by the Coinhive web-based cryptominer, which when deployed (with the consent of website owners and webpage visitors), is actually

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