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Lake City Suffers ‘Triple Threat’ Ransomware Attack

The City of Lake City has confirmed that ransomware ‘Triple Threat’ attacked the functionality of some of its computer systems. According to its Facebook statement, the Florida municipality was attacked on 10 June 2019 by the Ransomware ‘Triple Threat’. It is believed that this malware combines three different attack vectors to attack the virus urban

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Highlights Of China Vs Amnesty International Hong Kong Cyber Attack

Hong kong is considered as an SAR or Special Administrative Region, it kept its own internal ministerial government directly elected by Hong Kong people and they continue to use their HK$ as currency. But seems like that the “autonomy” does not end there when it comes to cyberspace, as hacker groups allegedly linked with Beijing

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SandCat And FruityArmor Campaigns Took Advantage Of Zero-Day Flow

Critical vulnerability under CVE-2019-0797 has been recently patched by Microsoft in order to lessen the chances of two Advanced Persistent Threat groups, SandCat, and FruityArmor from taking advantage of it. The former zero-day exploit was being exploited by the two groups extensively, with many of their victims unaware of it. This is given since only

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