digital transformation

Lack Of Policy Of Least Privilege Causes Cyber Attacks

The computer policy of the least privilege is not only an important principle but rather a critical piece of IT security precaution these days. Any organization should practice it, in order to lessen the possibility of unauthorized access or stolen account causing trouble for a system, especially in cloud-based apps and critical IT infrastructures. This

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Increased Security Risks in the Era of Digital Transformation

The new digital transformation era seems to be an era of increased security risks as well. The new era of digital transformation, in which organizations all the world over seek to embrace new technologies, is also an era in which organizations are struggling to implement and attain proper data security. This is what a new

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Why Your Privacy Is Now The Sacrificial Lamb Of The Modern World

Americans have a strange and complicated relationship with privacy. While they love nothing more than “flexing” on social media—toes in the sand, vacations, nice dinners, proud family moments, half-nude selfies—they are also quick to complain when outside entities become too intrusive on their personal space. They love to “see and be seen,”  just as long

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