Facebook Security

Facebook’s “View As” Fiasco Now Under Trial

Facebook seems like receiving the short end of the stick once more, as a U.S. District Judge William Alsup ruled that the trial of the case against Facebook’s “View As” fiasco of September 2018 will proceed as scheduled. The judge ruled last June 21, denying Facebook’s appeal to junk the case due to lack of

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Facebook In Hot Water Again In 2019? 3rd Party Android Apps Send User Data to Facebook Servers Without User Consent Observed

Facebook will be in the hot seat of controversy once more this New Year, as Privacy International’s keynote presentation in the 35th Chaos Communication Congress has publicly revealed that the social media giant gets hold of user data from 3rd party Android apps. This revelation involves users with specific user installed apps that have nothing

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Why Facebook Is Now Seeking A Friend In The Security Business

Facebook may not be seeking world domination (just yet), but they are seeking some cybersecurity support in the form of a big acquisition—and for good reason. The social media demigod has had a rough go as of late, with their recent hack compromising the data of over 30 million users (slightly lower than the initial report

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