Google Chrome

Chrome adds Alert to Warn Users of Deceptive

The latest version of Chrome, released earlier this month, provides deceptive URL protection that redirects users to the right website. Google also introduces an extension for Suspicious Site Reporter for Chrome to send misleading URLs and other malicious pages directly to Safe Browsing. One common way that malicious parties try to outsmart users is confusing

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Chrome’s Project Strobe Against Malicious Extensions

Browser extensions are both a boon and bane in personal/corporate Internet-centric computing, it is beneficial to users as it extends the features of the browser, while unfortunately expanding the attack surface of web browsers. That is why browser vendors are making a tight balancing act between enabling browser extensions and plugins with reasonable-level of access

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Chrome Scrolling Bug May Expose Users To Convincing Phishing Attacks

Security conscious users are still wary of using mobile banking apps, for the very reason they cannot clearly determine if the bank app connects their online banking account to the bank’s servers in an encrypted fashion. The usual verification of a TLS connection is by checking the address bar of the web browser, it provides

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