Is That Really You? Phishing Hacks Reach New Heights

Way back in 1792, King Gustav III of Sweden was assassinated while attending a costume party—or “masquerade ball”—in Stockholm. How convenient for the murderer, who could wear any disguise and not be observed after the fact. While those days of anonymity are long gone, it is still possible for malicious hackers to masquerade behind false

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GRC, The Powerful New Weapon In The War On Hacking

As more hacks, more attacks, more disruption, and more uncertainty take hold of the world, the emerging strategic weapon known as Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) is becoming helpful for the good guys. Today, cybersecurity challenges are growing cloudier and more complex by the hour. Simple brute force attacks against individuals and small businesses

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Beware The Dinosaurs: Colossal Threats That Are Hardly Extinct

Classic hacks—they’re still with us. Every day, the internet is filled with new threats and amazingly creative exploits that stun the imagination. But damage is also continually being done by the “oldies-but-goodies” of yesterday. Despite the fact that many of these cyber attacks were first attempted when the internet was in its infancy, they remain

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