Phishing Attack

Watering Hole Attacks Target Chinese-Speaking People Outside Of China

Compared to the classical phishing and social engineering attacks, the term watering hole attack is seldom given any attention by cybersecurity websites. It is a coverage something we need to amend, as contrary to the popular notion that such a campaign is very rare. It is a common occurrence but received less coverage than more

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There are times, that the bad effects of a phishing attack are not immediately felt. The phishers usually run many parallel campaigns all at the same time, and due to volume may take a while for them to “schedule” a “follow-up” attack against a target after a successful phishing expedition. This what happened when,

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Minnesota’s Department of Human Service, Latest Victim Of Phishing

Minnesota’s Department of Human Services (DHS) headed by its Commissioner Tony Lourey has issued a document to both houses of Congress detailing its data breach happened with the department affecting 11,000 people. It only took the hackers to persuade a DHS employee in opening an “invoice” email, and the department normally receives 92,500 phishing/spam emails

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Why Are Web Hosting Servers Often Planted With Malware?

Ten nasty malware are currently having a field day infecting and using 10 corporate-level web hosting servers for further malware deployment to site visitors. The campaign which saw the progressive growth of Azorult, Gandcrab, Neutrino, Hermes, IcedID, Trickbot, Nymaim, Gootkit and Dridex in these 10 servers were linked to the Necurs botnet. It is a

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