Don’t Forget These 4 Tips To Stop A Ransomware Infection In Its Tracks

Fourteen months after WannaCry has been introduced to the world, we continue to hear new stories of companies falling for its derivatives and seems like there is no end to the scourge. One way or another firms realize that the installation of an antivirus software is no longer sufficient. Employees make or break the corporate

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How The 2019 WannaCry Scam Evolved Into Straight Up Extortion

May 12, 2017, will always be remembered by the corporate world, especially the healthcare industry as a date when a new cyber-extortion racket, the WannaCry malware was unleashed and no cybersecurity software was able to anticipate it. It took advantage of a flaw in Server Message Blocks (SMB) version 1.0 to penetrate an otherwise security-hardened

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