We are in the day and age that both Android and iOS are both copying each other’s features, which is not a big deal given how both platforms are already in their maturity stage. Google has decided to silently implement a feature that resembles 3d touch in iPhones, they call it the “Deep Press”, which will be available as part of Android Q. Google has not made any announcement about it, but the documentation they released about Android Q detailed Deep Press as an upgraded version of the long press touch previously available with Android Oreo. With Deep press, an event happens to depend upon how hard the user presses on the screen element, of course, this is with an assumption that the phone model can distinguish screen pressure sensitivity.

Google described the feature as: “Classification constant: Deep press. The current event stream represents the user intentionally pressing harder on the screen. This classification type should be used to accelerate the long press behavior.”

In a sudden turn of events, the new Apple XR has removed the 3d touch feature, in order to drastically reduce the cost for the lowest tier Apple iPhone for 2019. It was replaced by a simple touch and hold, with no pressure-sensitivity actions compared to other more expensive variants of the iPhone.

At the moment, it is not yet clear if Deep Press will only be available if the Google launcher is used in Android Q or if it will continue to work if a 3rd party Android launcher is used. For those devices that support pressure sensitivity levels, Android Q is expected to provide faster navigation with Deep Press compared to the current long press functionality.

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