New cybercrime techniques aimed at PCs and mobile devices are emerging every day, and it seems that the use of integrated security software that provides multi-layered defense measures is a shortcut for strengthening countermeasures. Or that is what the antivirus vendors would like everyone believe. Who are involved with cybercrimes:

  • Persons who seek information on the black market
  • A criminal organization that wants to do money laundering
  • A criminal who wants to impersonate another person, wants to buy goods,
  • A company that wants to deliver a large amount of advertising email, and confidential information of rival companies.

There are a variety of cyber criminals who make money at the expense of others. They abuse such stolen information without revealing their location. The end result is the legitimate PC and mobile device users who lost their personally identifiable information. For anti-malware, the mainstream is to use an anti-virus software that uses definition files. You can use a definition file to detect and eliminate malware identified by the vendor with high probability. Unfortunately, the speed with which new cybercrime methods are spreading is faster than vendors expand their staff and resources. For this reason, anti-malware vendors, in addition to measures against definition files, use alternate methods for detecting malware based on behavioral characteristics found in malware without identifying malware, and user reputation for other users.

These methods are provided by a product called “integrated security software”. The biggest advantage of the integrated security software is that it allows users to quickly detect malware that has just appeared and to take action such as removal and quarantine. In addition to anti-malware measures, it will be equipped with anti-phishing measures, web security to prevent being led by malicious websites, anti-spam, and unauthorized access prevention. But there is also a disadvantage. There is a risk that the correct program is mistakenly identified (malformed) as malware. While there is little chance of falsely detecting a program with numerous users, in many cases it is possible to falsely detect a program that is used in a very small or very limited range of users. In addition, since multiple security functions are executed at the same time, the operation of the computer tends to be slow. The price is high because it is more multifunctional than a typical anti-virus software.

Whether it is better to use an integrated security software with the number of security measures or antivirus software based on definition files is divided depending on how the user uses the PC and mobile devices and what information is stored. For example, the fee for banking services is often cheaper for online services on the Internet than transacting with the bank in person. It is also a convenience that can be used anytime., but with online services, you’ll have important information on your PC and mobile devices which may get exposed online, increasing the risk of being targeted by cybercriminals looking for their next victim. If information is stolen by malware and a large amount of cash is withdrawn from a bank account, PC and mobile devices users will be financially damaged.

The bottom line it is prudent to arm oneself with information, have the knowledge of how to keep yourself secure online is no different from real life physical security. It requires an intensified level of alertness and focus, determines the weaknesses of the devices you use for online shopping or banking and the like.

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