Cybersecurity education and the current need in the industry has its big gap. There is a need of integrating targeted and specific education with the risk management plan.
It is believed that the field in cybersecurity is understaffed and that there is a need of 1 million jobs globally to be filled.

New cybersecurity programs have been created at all levels of higher education to address the issue. It is estimated to have a global shortage of 2 million cybersecurity professionals by 2019.

A focus on proper training and engagement

It is essential to improve the security measures rather than developing new analysts and cybersecurity jobs. A better approach in training people is to engage with them and work hard to establish a two-way communications. A short communication that are relevant to workforce would be a better way. Another approach is to redevelop engineering and design processes. Vendors and internal staffs should have a common understanding of the issues. Project managers, and the whole team must understand the entire development process.

Security and risk management

Incorporating risk management and security to the product management process is the best way to successfully improve the security. Let every members of the team be involved in the overall risk management program. It is better to educate the team to improve the security. Empowering them to work for a common goal will lower the risk.

A job shortage in cybersecurity can be addressed not by having analysts or specialists but rather by having professionals who know how to assess and address the risk, and who know how to span traditional boundaries to engage and educate clients on how they can be empowered to improve. Engaging the whole team and do the work hard will address the engineering issues and development processes in cybersecurity.

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