24 Northeastern Ontario Hospital Hacking Incident, The Aftermath

Twenty-four Northeastern Ontario hospitals were victims of the latest cyber attack with the use of zero-day exploits. Zero-day exploits are unknown security bugs in software that are actively exploited by hackers in order to gain control, launch malware or open other vulnerabilities in the target system. The attack estimated to have occurred last January 16,

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Story Behind the DDoS Attack VS Boston Children Hospital

A man from Massachusetts was found guilty of a cyber attack against a healthcare institution and sentenced for 10 years in prison. His name is Martin Gottesfeld, found guilty by the U.S. District Court under Judge Nathaniel Gorton. “It was your arrogance and misplaced pride that has been on display in this case from the

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How to Protect Mid-Tier Enterprises from Cyberattacks in 2019

The new year has begun; here comes another New Year Special from The Threat Report. Today, we take a look at how mid-tier enterprises can protect themselves from all kinds of cyberattacks- known as well as unknown ones. 2018 saw mid-tier enterprises facing lots of cybersecurity challenges, with hackers seeking to exploit all kinds of

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