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4 Tasks System Admins Should Never Forget During Holiday Downtime

Holiday season is a period where system admins perform fine tuning of the systems and network. With employees taking their vacation, it is the best time to perform scheduled downtime in order to keep the computers working in their top shape as the New Year comes. Here, we have provided you another full year of

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Huawei Refutes NCISA’s Cyber Espionage Accusations

The Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NCISA) has accused Huawei, a Chinese telecom company and mobile phone vendor for being under the command of Beijing to conduct cyber espionage. NCISA claims that the use Huawei devices compromise one’s user privacy, especially due to strong ties of Chinese companies with the Beijing regime. “China’s

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Bitcoin Scam Demanding Payment to Call Off Hitman

An email scam of a new kind is being reported; it seems people are getting emails that demand payment for calling off “a hitman”! Reports say that people have been getting emails that demand payment, in bitcoin, in exchange for calling off hitmen assigned to murder them. Such an email, which would evidently be from

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