Artificial Intelligence is pretty much the future of the world, and it can’t be ignored. Soon everything will be smart, integrated, and controlled by algorithms. The cybersecurity industry will doubtlessly head in this direction as well, as older, more reactive methods of protection from cybercriminals will not be effective in the online world of the near future. AI will introduce proactive methods of protecting data, and businesses which get on board with it first will be able to steal an advantage on their rivals. Here is a brief look at how AI could be used to transform cybersecurity.

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

As technology advances, the ingenious methods used by hackers progresses as well. It is expected that cybercriminals will soon use AI to their own advantage. This was shown at the world’s first all-machine cyber hacking tournament in 2016. The competition was DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge, and there it was shown that it was possible to automate exploit generation and attack launch.

When it comes to combatting cybercrime, businesses will have to employ tactics which use the same technology against the hackers. In the past, cybersecurity was reactive in that it would detect problems and then deal with them.

In the future, cybersecurity will be proactive in that AI will be used to collect massive amounts of data about security incidents and learn how to combat them. For example, if there is a security breach at a company in a particular sector, AI will learn about this and use the knowledge to prevent against a similar attack. Businesses will be able to detect strange accounts or new variants of malware as well, if they incorporate the technology.

Businesses That Use AI Will be More Trustworthy

In the fiercely competitive online market, businesses have to do everything in their power to attract customers and prevent them from turning to rival companies. In the bustling iGaming world, for example, the preferred approach is to offer bonuses. There are so many options to choose from that comparison sites have thoroughly reviewed them to help players find what they are looking for. This is seen in other sectors of the gaming industry, as well as in retail. But one thing that customers may value even more than promotions is security.

In the near future, another way for businesses to make themselves appealing to customers will be to show that they have state of the art cybersecurity in place. At present, online consumers look out for trusted payment methods and certifications from regulators to judge how legitimate and safe a site is. If AI becomes a proven preventer of data breaches, sites that state that they use it will be much more attractive than those that don’t.

Current methods of cybersecurity won’t be of any use against the hackers of the future, and the industry needs to progress in order to prepare for more advanced schemes of infiltration. Once a highly successful form of AI cybersecurity emerges, businesses which use it will become much more appealing to potential customers.

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