Have you ever thought about how protected your computer and organization is against ransomware attacks? Have you just heard about this in the news or around the office? You probably do not know why ransomware is such a fuss. Maybe you are in a problem then.

Ransomware attacks are malicious software used by cyber-attackers to extort money by infecting your organization’s computer and harnessing to your essential files. They might often lock the computer, deny access, encrypt data, or delete them. 

They attack and kidnap data for a ransom!

Since its first inception 1980s, ransomware attacks have become more dangerous and damaging. The cyber-attackers so far have gained more exceptional skills in encrypting files and attacking your crucial data. While all this overwhelms you, the information about ransomware attacks can do pretty much the same.

So with a brief description of ransomware attacks, we directly jump into the main gen or the need for the hour information which should be done to avoid ransomware attacks on your computer. Read on.


The best way to tackle a ransomware attack is to avoid it in the first place because prevention is always better than cure. Right?

Removing ransomware might include too many technical skills, but avoiding one does not. We present you with a superb list to prevent a ransomware infection on your computer. 

#1: Backup your data. 

Okay, in the first place, this does not prevent a ransomware attack, but it does reduce its aftermath. Frequent backing up of data helps to retrieve your files if a ransomware attacks make it inaccessible. You might not even need to pay the ransom!

Backed up files help to remediate a ransomware infection just like wiping and re-imaging infected systems. Your data remains safe even if attacked by ransomware if you have it backed up or copies on cloud storage.

You can never be a victim of ransomware attack if you back up automatically every night before sleeping.

#2: Use security software.

It is the most crucial tip to have well capable security software on your computer. It helps to protect, detect, and warn you against a ransomware attack on your computer. 

And as these cybercrimes are surfacing at a rapid rate, you need to have a comprehensive internet security software. So invest in proper cybersecurity software.

When you download or stream, security software blocks suspicious or infected files, preventing ransomware from attacking your computer.

#3: Update security software.

Having security software installed on your computer is not enough. Regular updating is a must- must. 

Cyber-attacks are modified and skilled now and then, so a security system should also be at par. Regular updates help to provide the highest level of protection, which is updated!

Every single update is crucial, as it maximizes your security software against the ransomware attacks and makes your organization less vulnerable.

So select the automatic update option for your security software right now!

#4: Never click on suspicious links

Never select, or click on unverified links, no matter how tempting it is. Generally, spam messages contain links that automatically download malicious software.

As soon as you click on the “malicious link,” your computer is subject to the attack, and you will lose access to your dearest files.

#5: Avoid opening untrusted email attachments

As mentioned above, this is another way that ransomware can attack your computer. So do not open any suspicious messages in your inbox or spam box, no matter if it comes from a known sender.

Do not open attachments that prompt enabling macros to view them. An infected attachment in an email on opening will give the malware free-control over your computer.

#6: Don’t use unfamiliar USBs

It is a simple tip that explains it all, do not insert a USB or any other plugin device that is unfamiliar to you. Also, scan and filter the contents through a security software even if you use a device.

#7: Use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi

Being careful with public Wi-Fi is a reasonable safeguard against ransomware. To stay protected, use a secure VPN.


It is no brainer that a ransomware attack can infect any organization’s computer. And if that rings a bell in your head, then you might need to make the tips and fundamental rules of your organization and save your bacon. 

It is important to stay informed and educated about the ransomware attacks and being vigilant is the key step to avoid such attacks.

Do not let ransomware lure you. Stay infection-free.

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