Do you want to create mobile-ready and a user-friendly website? Of course, yes! Joomla is famous for its safe and robust security features, and it is evident from the number of its users too. But the very primary yet vital question that arises here is that how far Jommla is safe? It is one of the essential things to determine, too, because it is just not about your website’s security; instead, it is also about your users. The second necessary question to analyze is that how can you fix Joomla hacked site?

Furthermore, using Joomla to construct and maintain your website comes with no guarantee that it will not get hacked. Undoubtedly every time you might see that a new update is coming just for security, but still, there are always possibilities of hacks. It is good to put effort into keeping the site away from the hands of the hackers, but in case if such a thing happens, you must be prepared.

There will always be a very uncertain liability, and it opens a door for these black hat hackers to cross the threshold and harm your confidential content. So, stick here and learn the steps to clean a hacked Joomla site and learn about the services that do it.

Ways To Fix Joomla Hacked Site

Is my site hacked’? Yes, this is the first thing you need to determine. Now, what will you do? In this case, you have only two options. Either hire a service that will do the work for you or do the job by yourself. If you choose to do this work by yourself, be ready for some serious cleaning work. Do the following steps to regain control of your site.

Steps to clean hacked Joomla site

  •       First of all, prepare a full backup of your data. It will contain malware traces, but you should keep it anyway on your computer. Make sure to save it in a quarantine folder, in case you need some file or piece of content.
  •       The second step is to scan the full site. For this job making use website scanner online and also use your antivirus software for detecting the infected files in the backup, you made earlier. If the case antivirus found some infected files, delete those files from the backup and the hosting.
  •       After that, put your site in offline mode. You can do this from the back end of Joomla via FTP or can also modify the .htaccess file from your server to allow your IP address access only.
  •       With the use of FTP or by doing it manually, do a scan browse the directory structure for finding rogue files and permanently delete those files. You can also search through a folder such as a cache/a temp/images for malicious files. Some examples of these files are test.html,test.php,contacts.php etc. If you find some of those files, delete them straight away.
  •       If you are not sure about a previous scan, you can take help from a PHP decoder or can also use an online service to analyze obfuscated code to reveal what it does.
  •       Further, to fix Joomla hacked site change your all passwords and delete any rogue users. Change Joomla super user password and all passwords of accounts with administrative permissions. Also, from the hosting panel, change the database password and FTP password.
  •       The last step is to update your Joomla installation to the latest version, along with plugins and templates. Compare the extensions from the extension manager and delete unused extensions.

Services That Can Fix Joomla Hacked Site


The top service that you can rely on is ’Fix.’ It is one of the ways that can efficiently do the work of fixing the site efficiently. It assures the customers to commence the job right away if you hire them. Here you can expect your problem to get solved in a single day, which is fantastic.

Furthermore, forgetting the top-notch services from Fix, you need to follow few simple steps. Firstly get registered, send the information about your site, and pay the fee. Once done with this work, you can lay back and relax because the experts are doing your job. You can also avail of many other useful services, such as applying best practices, securing your site, debugging, fixing error messages, and more.


There is nothing better than having a trustworthy service to fix a hacked Joomla site. So if unfortunately, your site gets hacked, you can take assistance from Sucuri. It can help you in fixing the harms done to your website by the hackers. You might find it a bit costly, but there is nothing better than getting your site back to track. 

It promises a 6-hour reply when you need to fix Joomla hacked site rapidly. On top of it, you also get one year of on-going protection, and you do not have to give any extra fee for that. Furthermore, you can also get a plan that fits your pocket if you can wait for more than six hours to fix your site. 

In three simple steps, you can avail of the service. Number one, pick a right plan, create an account, and request malware removal. It will correctly kick out all the hacks from your Joomla site. 


You can get these services conveniently to fix Joomla hacked site, and you can also follow these steps to clean the place. 

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