In practice, operability is not so different between Windows 10 and Mac. It may be a big difference from the designers and programmers’ point-of-view, but most of it is just aesthetics. You can change the default setting in the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) page and both operating systems will take note of the hardware setup. Both platforms also provide users the flexibility of customization as long as the root or administrative credential can be provided. So, even if there is a difference between the two, there are more similarities than differences.

The two-finger pad zoom, three-finger swipe, and desktop switching are the same as Mac.

The first thing you notice from changing from Mac to Windows is probably a dirty font. However, if you use only Windows notes for 2-3 days, you won’t feel uncomfortable. One of the reasons for buying a MacBook computer is that even if you buy a new one, you can migrate from data to apps and settings as they are, but you can easily move those data and settings even in Windows through the use of Google, Evernote, etc.

There is no restriction on the use of Microsoft Office

The Mac version also has Microsoft Office. However, in fact, the Mac version is a limited version of the Windows version and is not easy to use. As for Keynote, Powerpoint for Windows has already been scolded in terms of functions and operability, it cannot link data with that, data table function, trace function, quick access. The option to use the Mac version of Excel without toolbars was gone.

Light and thin

MacBook Pro is heavier than a typical cheap laptop, due to its build quality (more metal, less plastic). When it comes to moving the machine from place-to-place, the weight is. From this point of view, a typical Windows laptop this time has a weight of 1.11kg and thinness of 10.4mm, so thin and light that it doesn’t bother even on the knee. However, the touch feeling of the keyboard is much better with the old MacBook Pro. The rigidity is also higher in the old MacBook Pro because of the heavier and thicker parts.

Touch panel, face recognition can be done

A typical Windows laptop has a touch panel function. Login by face authentication is also possible by Windows 10 Hello. This is a feature that MacBook Pro doesn’t have. If compared to a cheap convertible Windows laptop, it seems that you can use tablet mode and work with a touch pen, etc. However, since it is unlikely to give a presentation while showing the screen to the person, this a typical Windows laptop is selected with priority in lightness. However, the choice seems to have been correct for now.

The extensibility is the same as the current MacBook Pro, and the battery has a complaint One of the reasons we hesitated to move to the current MacBook Pro is that it was only USB-C. If you look at the extensibility, it might be overwhelming, but considering that the hardware specification is proportional to its price, it is tolerable. The ultrabook notebook segment is designed as close to MacBook as possible. In terms features, users may settle with a middle-high-end Windows laptop which also sports a USB-C port.

Compared to a single USB-C in modern MacBook Pro, middle to high-end Windows laptop have three USB-C, there is no particular problem if you use the connector, but it is quite troublesome to acquire a separate adapter for old peripheral devices using microUSB.

If you need to connect to a projector at a seminar, you will need to prepare a conversion connector as well for the MacBook Pro. The battery life is nominally 11 hours and 15 minutes, but actually, the brightness is 25%, and it may be 6 hours even in the power saving mode with the lowest performance. If you use it without worrying about power saving, it may be better to think of it as 4 hours at most. Of course, stats in the details page for a product may be exaggerated at times, a 2 hours in the power saving mode for a new MacBook Pro may be encountered, we recommend you call technical support, check if a battery replacement is required, as Lithium-ion batteries life deteriorates over time, bring a power adapter with you on-the-road.

With regard to battery life, a typical Windows laptop users must not forget to carry the power adapter when going out all day. Battery usage heavily depends on utilization, gaming on the go or doing heavy tasks such as video editing, audio editing, and image manipulation uses more CPU cycles, hence lesser battery life. As with any model, if you are not aware of power saving, document processing, and web browsing, driving time is less than half of the catalog specs.

MacBook Pro and a typical Windows laptop have no difference between them when it comes to the familiarity of applications. There may be minor inconveniences, but most can be sorted by considering the specific use-case for the computer. However, if you find it easier to use your MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard the next time you buy it, you may want to switch back to it.

So the important point is each person, but even if it is a Mac user, it may be possible to add a Windows notebook to the option instead of sticking to MacBook when replacing it.

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