AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence: Ally Or Enemy Of System Security?

The term “artificial intelligence” is now a keyword that has attracted a great deal of attention in the technological development of various fields. Image recognition, speech analysis, human interaction, medical use, surveillance camera security and economic analysis have an innovative impact on data management in the current day when data handling is commonplace. The existence

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How Useful Artificial Intelligence for Operations Will Be?

A huge portion of the typical labor force today will be replaced by artificial intelligence. It is not a question of if, but of when, by that time people needs to see new possibilities to focus on such as creative work, the arts and other aspect of human interest that AI will never able to

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Implementing Artificial Intelligence into Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has definitely gone mainstream; it has made its presence felt in smartphones, smart homes and a wide range of computer/internet solutions. Thus, it becomes only natural that businesses seek to be part of the AI race and endeavor to make the most of the technology. So, how to implement AI into your

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