The term “artificial intelligence” is now a keyword that has attracted a great deal of attention in the technological development of various fields. Image recognition, speech analysis, human interaction, medical use, surveillance camera security and economic analysis have an innovative impact on data management in the current day when data handling is commonplace. The existence of artificial intelligence (AI) has become very large. In addition, movies that depict a world where humans and artificial intelligence (AI) robots coexist and fighting has existed for a long time, and you can see that human beings continue to imagine artificial intelligence (AI) development.

In recent years, cyberattacks on computers used by individuals rather than companies and large institutions have increased. In some cases, there are cases where not only do you suffer, but your computer is used as a stepping stone to becoming a perpetrator. Of course, not all computers are possessed by a specific malicious person or organization, and it is possible to remotely infect others by infecting another person’s computer with a malicious program called a “bot”.

So, it’s possible for anyone to use the computer normally without knowing that it is infected and to take part in the incident without realizing it. In this case, it is often the case that information is stolen by infecting a computer used by an employee with a virus, and the infection route maybe e-mail. If you inadvertently open an attached file, a virus infects computers used in your company without your knowledge. Depending on the network environment, it can also infect other computers. In addition, when a virus email is sent to a specific person in the organization, the email will be sent with the correct text and content so that it is not unnatural.

Before sending an email, you will receive such an email after conducting a preliminary check on the position of the employee in the company and what kind of business partners you are interacting with. If mail comes from the name of a person who has always traded and exchanged emails, it seems that they will open up without a doubt. In the future, these cyberattacks may involve further development of security attacks by incorporating artificial intelligence capabilities. Until now, malicious programs such as malware that only performed the actions specified by the developer can use contextual information by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), and security software can attack the server. It is feared that it will become difficult to detect. If the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is used for security attacks in this way, it will cause even greater damage than before.

The next measure is a manual measure. Even using a good detection system, it may be difficult to prevent the intrusion of unauthorized programs and unauthorized access. In response to artificial intelligence (AI) attacks that slip through it, it is important to mobilize many security experts and deal with them manually. This time, we have looked at the threat that artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities may be exploited in security attacks.

Although resistance to cyberattack methods and programs that are constantly evolving continues, if artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are also abused, security is threatened and tremendous damage spreads. This is not just a problem for the government and large companies, but attacks against individuals are increasing year by year. You can see that other people can’t do it. Now that we have become an information society, we can easily get involved with anyone in the world via the Internet, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology is expected to be used in many fields.

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