Cyber Attacks

7 Big Factors that makes Small Business at Risk

Small organizations still face a long list of threats to security. These threats and vulnerabilities should take precedence. Increasingly, cyber criminals are targeting smaller organisations. This makes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) hard to find. They are also working with smaller budgets and staff constraints in the face of a long list of cyber threats,

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More Fierce Ransomware Still On Horizon, Corporate Victims To Increase

IBM’s X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (also known as IRIS) has issued a report, detailing the growth of destructive malware that infected the corporate space. The cybersecurity arm of Big Blue has disclosed that 12,316 corporate Internet-connected devices were rendered offline, costing $239 million to replace and reconfigure in an average malware attack for

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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan, A Must For Firms

Cyber ​​attacks are changing with the times. Initially, personal cyber-attacks were nothing but digital vandalism, seeking for 15-minutes of fame were mainstream, but the people behind the attacks today shifted to economic reason why they are into it – for money. They target organizations, important infrastructures, and state agencies, the incidents became increasingly sophisticated, complicated

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Records show that, a web-based educational firm has suffered a massive 7-million student records breach due to an insecure version of MongoDB database server. Bob Dianchenko a security researcher at Comparitech has witnessed student data from was made public on June 25, 2019. According to his discovery, it took more than a

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Is Mozilla Stubborn? 17-Year Old Bug, Still Unpatched

Open-source apps have long been hailed for being more secure than proprietary software, for the reason that the availability of the source code means the higher chances that a bug can be seen easier. But this is not consistent, there are times the feature that has a bug for years is not a commonly used

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Myths In Cybersecurity That People Needs To Forget

Cyber attacks come in various presentation and packages, the damage range from “all systems feel normal” to “the sky is falling” scenarios. But one thing is for sure, users of all access levels, from system admins to end-users and consumers have a large role to play for the success or failure of cyber attacks perpetuated.

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Ransomware: Less With Consumers, More In The Enterprise

The system admins’ favorite antivirus program Malwarebytes has released the State of Malware Report covering the first quarter of 2019, highlighting the state of malware globally. The highlight of the report is the visible decreasing frequency of global ransomware infections, from 12 million incidents recorded in the first quarter of 2018 to just 4 million

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Vulnerability Management In The Nutshell

In the process of developing and actually using particular software, security vulnerabilities leading to cyber attacks are commonplace. It is a well-known fact that there are a series of cyber-attacks that are perpetuated by malicious people, we report various incidents of cyber attacks and online misbehavior of some parties, to gain an upper hand in

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Migrate from Magento E-Commerce, Experts Advised

If you are an e-commerce site or involved in an online retail business, we highly recommend studying the possibility of moving from the Magento shopping cart system at the soonest possible time. We have reported about how insecure Magento twice in 2019 now, the first article was dated January 18, 2019, which disclosed a critical

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Australia’s University Of Wollongong Cyber Attack Ready

Australia’s University of Wollongong (UOW) is taking strong defensive measures against cyber attacks in anticipation of its eventuality said by its spokesperson this week. This is through an effective lessening of the attack surface of University computers and Internet-connected devices as well as regular penetration testing, continued cybersecurity training for University staff and IT security

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