Data Breaches

Singapore Expects More Data Breaches in the Near Future

Singapore, which saw a drop in common security threats last year, expects to see more data breaches in the near future, says the Cyber Security Agency (CSA). The Cyber Security Agency says that in the near future there would be more frequent data breaches plus disruptive attacks against the cloud, in Singapore. APTs (Advanced Persistent

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5 Steps To Recovery After a Data Breach

Data breaches present a constant threat to all organizations. Regardless of how many policies, strategies, or defenses are possible, an experienced hacker can jeopardize them. The consequences of a data breach for a company can be harmful. According to reports, 60% of small businesses are closed within six months of the data breach. It’s important

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Personal Data of Over 2,000 Australian Women Sold for $US60

Personal details pertaining to over 2,000 Australian women who have signed up for online dating services are being sold for just $US60. ABC News Online reports that it’s a company registered in New York that is selling the personal data and that this data includes very intimate details like the person’s age, photographs, personal preferences

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Drone Technology a Rising Threat to Cybersecurity

Drones have become immensely popular all across the world and today drones can be bought and flown by anyone. People use drones for different purposes, ranging from filmmaking and photography to surveillance and agriculture. The trend to use drones for delivering packages and to ship medical samples is also picking up. Well, for any technology,

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The IT Security Challenges All Small Businesses Face

The world’s rapidly increasing cyber attacks do not know where to stay and are evolving their attack methods on a daily basis. Many companies regardless of size are good prey for attackers. The impact of cyber attacks continues to increase, regardless of the size of the company or organization. Most people will think security measures

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Paterson Public Schools In Deep Trouble After A Massive Data Breach

Aside from the Healthcare Industry that focuses its funding towards its hospital services to the patients, public schools also do the same – the focus is their interest in educating young people. The idea of having a cyber attack-ready computing infrastructure is not even on the radar, as it is not part of the funding

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Wyzant Online Tutoring Service, A Major Victim Of Data Breach

Wyzant, a mainstream online tutoring service has suffered a major system breach. More damage falls on their customers that use their personal Facebook login for their Wyzant service, as their Facebook information could have been part of the stolen information as well. Wyzant admins detected an abnormal activity in their database last May 2, 2019.

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Why The Worst Data Breaches Of 2019 Might Look Like A Nightmare

The year 2018 has seen companies hit with sizable fines and settlements due to data breaches. For example, Uber’s poor handling of its 2016 breach cost the company close to $150 million. And weakly protected, heavily-regulated health data has cost medical facilities big money, resulting in increasingly large fines from the U.S. Department of Health

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There are times, that the bad effects of a phishing attack are not immediately felt. The phishers usually run many parallel campaigns all at the same time, and due to volume may take a while for them to “schedule” a “follow-up” attack against a target after a successful phishing expedition. This what happened when,

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Minnesota’s Department of Human Service, Latest Victim Of Phishing

Minnesota’s Department of Human Services (DHS) headed by its Commissioner Tony Lourey has issued a document to both houses of Congress detailing its data breach happened with the department affecting 11,000 people. It only took the hackers to persuade a DHS employee in opening an “invoice” email, and the department normally receives 92,500 phishing/spam emails

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