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250GB Stolen Data From Brazillan Bank

Brazillian bank named Banco Pan is at the center of the biggest controversy of its history when it was involved with the release of 250GB worth of their customers’ data to the public. The unprotected server in question is not yet identified at the time of this writing, but it hosts data not only for

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China’s BXAQ Spy App For Tourists of Xinjiang Questioned

Are you planning or already booked for a China-trip anytime soon? Then this is the news you cannot ignore, China’s border immigration agents at Xinjiang region are legally compelled to demand for tourists’ smartphone and its corresponding unlock codes before allowed entry. The confiscated smartphone will be returned to the tourist as soon as the

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The IT Security Challenges All Small Businesses Face

The world’s rapidly increasing cyber attacks do not know where to stay and are evolving their attack methods on a daily basis. Many companies regardless of size are good prey for attackers. The impact of cyber attacks continues to increase, regardless of the size of the company or organization. Most people will think security measures

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2.25 Million Russian Passport Entries, Leaked To The Internet

Russians are alerted as around 2.25 million passport entries from 360,000+ individual passport holders were leaked from multiple Russian-state controlled websites, including the data from high officials of Kremlin. Information stolen is now available for download online by anybody using simple keywords, with information of high-level officials of Russian included in the leak including former

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Paterson Public Schools In Deep Trouble After A Massive Data Breach

Aside from the Healthcare Industry that focuses its funding towards its hospital services to the patients, public schools also do the same – the focus is their interest in educating young people. The idea of having a cyber attack-ready computing infrastructure is not even on the radar, as it is not part of the funding

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Wyzant Online Tutoring Service, A Major Victim Of Data Breach

Wyzant, a mainstream online tutoring service has suffered a major system breach. More damage falls on their customers that use their personal Facebook login for their Wyzant service, as their Facebook information could have been part of the stolen information as well. Wyzant admins detected an abnormal activity in their database last May 2, 2019.

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5 Things To Know When Choosing For SaaS

Let us be honest, maintaining software installation library onsite is a very expensive undertaking. There is a cost for acquiring, maintaining, changing and upgrading hardware which hosts the software business need to use for day-to-day operations. Of course, as the lifecycle of software comes to an end, that incurs the cost of upgrading to the

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There are times, that the bad effects of a phishing attack are not immediately felt. The phishers usually run many parallel campaigns all at the same time, and due to volume may take a while for them to “schedule” a “follow-up” attack against a target after a successful phishing expedition. This what happened when,

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Is Infrastructure-As-A-Service The Future Of Corporate Computing?

Ask any system administrator today, and we will hear from them that attempts from unknown outside parties infiltrating their systems are happening on a daily basis. Yes, guys welcome to the 21st-century corporate computing era. We live in a world where cyber warfare is raging globally, between nations, between firms and between groups and individuals.

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Top-Level Committee Formed To Combat Cybercrime In Singapore

In our continued coverage of Singapore’s Cybersecurity status, a national committee composed of top-ranking ministers partnered with captains of Singapore’s IT industry are set to review the city-state’s current data security policies. The city-state made its decision to form a super committee which will be headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Teo Chee Hean, he

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