DDoS Attack

What Are The Motivations For Botnet Development?

Any device in the Internet may function as a zombie, a member of a botnet that follows the commands of the botnet malware. Both traditional PCs, servers, smartphone, and IoTs (Internet-of-Things). Botnets are a collection of Internet-connected devices infected with malware. These infected devices are called bots (or zombies). The type of malware that takes

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Why Zombie DDoS Machines Keep Increasing?

The zombie apocalypse theme is a bread-and-butter theme in many sci-fi films and even games. To be overrun by uncontrolled hordes of zombies from all directions, with no place to hide or protect oneself is a very fearful situation. The good thing is that zombies are fiction, isn’t it? Partly incorrect when we talk about

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Story Behind the DDoS Attack VS Boston Children Hospital

A man from Massachusetts was found guilty of a cyber attack against a healthcare institution and sentenced for 10 years in prison. His name is Martin Gottesfeld, found guilty by the U.S. District Court under Judge Nathaniel Gorton. “It was your arrogance and misplaced pride that has been on display in this case from the

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