Machine Learning

Machine Learning With Threat Analytics Helps Stop Security Breaches

It is time to bring in some clarity about the gravity of the crimes that are happening today around the world. A common misconception or fiction is that millions of hackers have turned to the dark side and are organizing massive attacks against any vulnerable company. The facts reflect a much more brutal truth that

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How Useful Artificial Intelligence for Operations Will Be?

A huge portion of the typical labor force today will be replaced by artificial intelligence. It is not a question of if, but of when, by that time people needs to see new possibilities to focus on such as creative work, the arts and other aspect of human interest that AI will never able to

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This Is What Happened When Alan Turing Revealed The Truth Of Machine Learning

As the father of computer science and one of the greatest mathematicians, pioneers, cryptographers, logicians, and code-breakers of the 20th century, Alan Turing was nothing short of a technological superhero. Sure, he’s been credited with creating one of the first universal computers and helping the British intelligence service break the German “Enigma” code during WWII,

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