Emotet, LokiBot and Trickbot, Worst Malware To Watch-out For

High volume malware infections always claim the headlines, especially if they end-up operating in the same generation. Emotet, LokiBot, and TrickBot are the three strongest contenders as the malware to watch-out for this 2019, based on their infection campaigns from last year. Emotet is a multifunction malware, with it, the user’s credential can be stolen,

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Better IT Security with AI

Today IT security teams are finding it hard to figure out what is an actual threat and what isn’t. The complex network environments have massive data coming in, IT and Artificial intelligence (AI) will help ally to find genuine risk in the midst of all the data if applied correctly. People do things with their

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These Software Vulnerabilities Have Pentesters On Edge

A new study by cybersecurity firm Rapid 7, recently revealed that their penetration testers have successfully exploited at least one software vulnerability used by about 84% of all the companies included in the study. The test was done in early September 2017 through mid-June 2018 and involved a total number 268 companies. A software vulnerability is any

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