A new study by cybersecurity firm Rapid 7, recently revealed that their penetration testers have successfully exploited at least one software vulnerability used by about 84% of all the companies included in the study. The test was done in early September 2017 through mid-June 2018 and involved a total number 268 companies.

A software vulnerability is any glitch or flaw that is present in software including operating systems like Android, Windows, and Mac. In 2017, operating systems for Windows and Mac were included in the top 10 products with most detected vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, top smartphone OS Android tops the list with over 800 vulnerabilities found in 2017.

With all the troubles software vulnerabilities can bring, businesses must take at least basic data-security measures to protect their network. Here are some of them:

1. Regularly Update the Software

Regularly installing the latest security patches and software updates is indeed an important measure to take to protect a network. Leaving a software to be outdated makes a device and network more prone to online vulnerabilities. By regularly patching and updating the software, you will be able to avoid security issues and holes that the developers have fixed through the update they had released.

2. Build a Strong Firewall

In protecting a network, configuring a firewall is a must. With this, your network will be protected against online vulnerabilities as firewalls can control internet traffic that flows into and out of a network.

3. Install Security Tools to Devices

Configuring a firewall is a great measure to take to be able to protect your network but it is not 100% invulnerable. To add an extra layer of security in the network, install security software to all computers and other devices that are connected to the network. WIth a security software, you will have an extra cybersecurity weapon that directly protects the devices that are connected to the network.

4. Strictly Monitor the Network

It is important that your network is being strictly managed and monitored by a group of highly skilled IT professionals. Businesses can also use monitoring tools that can help in identifying a breach before it inflicts the system. Seeing an attack early can allow businesses to take measure to prevent it from becoming worse.

Businesses keep important and confidential files in their network. With all that data, they should take extensive security measures to guarantee the best protection possible to their networks. When a network is exploited, compromised, or hacked by a hacker, it leads to a lot of business-related and legal troubles, all of which jeopardize a company’s image and reputation.

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