Online Freelance site Fiverr offers Illegal Private Spying Services

After Motherboard approached the company to comment, Fiverr removed a number of listings. A free-lance Fiverr site allows a company to hire a short-term application developer, logo designer or help with their social media accounts. Fiverr is also a place where you can purchase malware to illegally spy on your wife, pay someone to place

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All about Malware Trade and it’s Psychological Tricks

As a professional services consultant, I am pleased to meet customers around the world and talk to a wide range of IT security experts who are at the forefront of malware defence. One of my favorite topics is how people have started their IT careers, but I am frequently surprised by the number of people

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Etymology of Adware & How To Fight It

People’s mindshare about the existence of Adware for at least a decade has taken a backseat to more serious malware types like banking trojans, ransomware and cryptocurrency mining malware. However, Adware has a huge effect on how Windows operates, given that programs that illegally display adverts are earning money at the expense of consuming system

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