People spend a lot of time using their mobile devices—and they expect certain functions like a high definition camera and speedy response times. Software application and graphic user interface should always be updated. But having speed must have its consequences sometimes. Most often, network safety suffers because of speed. According to the “Mobile Security Index 2018,” 32 percent of companies sacrificed their mobile device security for speed, making them prone to data loss and downtime.

The significance of awareness and security

Business companies know that they need to improve their device security yet they are still failing to do countermeasures to enhance their endpoint security. In one of the surveys done, studies revealed that 14 percent of companies have implemented basic cybersecurity practices, while 39 percent change default passwords for their new devices and 38 percent uses two-factor authentication. Regular staff and customers want fast and easy access to mobile services. While they are aware of the need for improved device security yet often times they do nothing, security is sacrificed because of speed.

Countermeasure in securing your mobile devices

Plan and strategize

Plan and strategize by gathering data inputs from all type of users. Define a wide approach that covers devices, data, software applications and users. Understand what are the requirements to elevate the security.

Good management

Having a good management is the key here. Using a unified endpoint management will be a great tool. UEM technology is designed to make solid , profound policies and procedures across all mobile endpoints instead of pushing IT people to micromanage individual applications and services.


Lastly, companies need to take serious steps, such as partitioning the corporate into groups to secure both data and applications. These partitions will hinder potential careless employees from insecure copy and pasting of information.

Everyone in the organization should help each other in order to achieve the accessibility, ease of use and speed in mobile services. Continuously develop an effective strategy, adapt to UEM, and implement a strong mobile security best protocols.

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