Every operating systems are not created perfectly. Every distributions are continuously updating for better and secured performance. As part of enforcing security management, it is also recommended to manage properly the file permissions for users.
Hackers are always there searching for security holes that they can exploit. System updates help plug these holes,leaving the hackers out in the cold. If your system and network is not properly taken cared of. Attackers may do these things to your system:

  • Camp outside the company’s offices, login to their intranet and perform all kinds of attacks you can do on local networks.
  • Dump all the sensitive data from the system.
  • Read/modify all files on the computer.
  • Leave a persistent backdoor.
  • Install and spread malware into the server’s intranet.
  • Install ransomware.
  • Use the server as cryptocurrency miner.
  • Use the server as a proxy.

The scariest part is that,there are a lot of things that hackers may do to your system.

Simple Recommendation

Regularly perform system patch update to secure your computer system.

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