Horror fanatics know the consequences of an encounter with the evil doll Annabelle. People should similarly beware of the same-named ransomware, which possesses a bunch of evil tricks to wreak havoc on the computer. The developers of this ransomware want to showcase their programming skills. Though it is easily decryptable, this ransomware can prove it’s every bit as evil as its movie counterpart.

Better safe than sorry,

Make sure that you have fully secure your computer because it will create a big problem to your PC if you will be a victim of this Annabelle Ransomware. This ransomware boots along with the Operating System-Windows by overwriting the master boot record of the infected computer with a bootloader. Once your computer is booted up,it exploits your system and does the following tasks to grip itself:

  1. It Terminates security programs
  2. Disables Windows Defender
  3. Turns off the Firewall Protection
  4. Encrypts our data
  5. Spreads through USB Drives
  6. Runs a variety of programs

This ransomware will execute automatically when the user logs in to their PC. It won’t let programs like MSConfig,Task Manager,Explorer,Chrome and more that could be used to kill the process of the code of the ransomware.

Disable the autorun.

As simple act of disabling your Autorun function on your PC will help you to be more secure from the strains of ransomware, like the Annabelle ransomware. This kind of ransomware spreads through Autorun.inf files. Although the latest version of Windows 10 doesn’t support this much. Disabling your Autorun function will save you from being attacked not just by this ransomware but also from different kind of viruses and trojans that uses the Autorun function to automatically install itself onto your computer.

Additional protection?

Turning off your Autorun function will not fully guarantee the security of your system from this ransomware. Secure your PC by installing security software onto your computer. Keeping it updated and regularly scan your system is still the best practice.

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