The replacement for GandCrab Sodinokibi has been in the news for a long time. The evil ransomware (or REvil) has reached numerous high profile targets. And now, the latest attack on Sodinikobi has affected New York Airport systems. 

Sodinokibi Attack The Albany County Airport Authority has recently announced a cyber attack on its infrastructure. Sodinokibi attacked the New York Airport systems. According to WYNT-TV, the security incident happened on Christmas Day at Albany International Airport. Many airport administrative servers were affected by the malware infection. 

Fortunately, however, the routine operations were not affected. The airport systems have been infected by the virus via their LogicalNet computer management service. The ransomware from this infected server then spreads throughout the whole network affecting all systems. Furthermore, the ransomware infected their backup, leaving them unable to recover lost data. 

They confirmed that no airline machines had an effect on the security incident. It did not affect the personal information of the travellers in any way. The Ransom When the ransomware infection was detected, the airport authority reported the incident to the New York State Cyber Command and the FBI. They also seek help from the ABS Solution computer service. 

The Airport authorities were not able to access their data despite their measures. Eventually, they had to pay the attackers the ransom. Doug Myers, a spokesperson for the airport, says that they finally gained access to their data four hours after paying the ransom.

“We are back to normal… We have all our files. We’re relying now on the FBI and the state of New York to investigate.”

However, he did not specify the exact amount of restitution the attackers demanded. He said it was under six figures. Fortunately, they have been insured for cybersecurity.

“We have cyber insurance that covers us. We have a $25,000 deductible.”

The airport authorities also revealed that after the attack they were “severing” their cooperation with LogicalNet.

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