Hacking is extremely damaging to an organization’s reputation and ultimately continuity since any brand which encounters one becomes less trusted by consumers. When consumer trust runs out, it’s only a matter of time before the business closes. So it’s a great thing that there are hackers who are performing this in order to beef up security.

Here are three benefits to hiring a white hat hacker for cybersecurity.

1. A White Hat Hacker Destroys An Organization’s False Sense of Security

Cybersecurity defense contains many layers. The hardest layer to protect often involves the people layer, especially if the employees have no awareness or appreciation for cybersecurity. The best part about getting a white hat hacker is that she or he destroys the culture of complacency around security in an organization. When the ethical hacker is able to pass through employees and reports, they will be made aware of their mistakes and be made aware of their habits..

2. A White Hat Hacker’s Work Can Provide Insights A Simple Vulnerability Assessment Cannot

A vulnerability assessment is a great way to look at security holes in the organization and patch them. However, threat actors are always improvising and cyber attacks often dynamically shift from one second to another. Vulnerabilities can open and therefore exploited at the last moment. A white hat hacker can test the defenses real time and see how the defenses come into play and the times they do not.

3. A White Hacker Can Test Cyber Security Based On An Organization’s Security Maturity Level

An organization’s security maturity should grow as they scale in size. A small organization will only need a simple attack simulation but a bigger organization with a lot of layers and partners will require a more complex test. A white hat hacker will be able to simulate the role of an adversary and perform an operation that will test all the layers of the organization’s security as well as any partner businesses.

The benefits of hiring a white hat aren’t obvious because we tend to take cybersecurity for granted when an attack isn’t happening. However, when an attack does occur and you have prepared through pen testing, you’ll be able to minimize the damage or even avoid damage if you identify the markers of an attack. A white hacker looks like an extra expense on your budget, but the real value of hiring one multiplies when you realize you fended off a cyber attack.

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