Singapore Expects More Data Breaches in the Near Future

Singapore, which saw a drop in common security threats last year, expects to see more data breaches in the near future, says the Cyber Security Agency (CSA). The Cyber Security Agency says that in the near future there would be more frequent data breaches plus disruptive attacks against the cloud, in Singapore. APTs (Advanced Persistent

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5 Emerging Technologies To Fight Cybercrimes

For many years, we have covered various stories covering topics of malware, phishing, social engineering, cyber espionage and other cybercriminal activities that seem becoming endless. Anti-malware products and services came and went, some underwent mergers and acquisition by another antimalware company, while some announced “a new formula” for combating nasties in the Internet, but to

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Securing IoT Devices against Increasing Cyber Threats

Artificial intelligence (AI), and most people must have heard about it. AI enables people to have a great online experience, and it is the engine behind cyber technology. Delivering automated services, and more personalized engagement with brands and providers. It also protects people online, detecting threats in real time and preventing cyber attacks. AI is

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