People nowadays spend more time on their mobile devices than ever before. From social media to email to phone calls, the world is addicted to the functionality of these machines, which is precisely why more and more devices are being targeted by malware, ransomware, and other issues. Computer Security Solutions providers like Sophos are now challenged to update these security policies in order to keep up in the digital war on hacking.

One of the leading endpoint security providers recently launched a Unified Endpoint management (UEM) and mobile security solution that lets the system administrators manage and secure corporate-owned and personal Mac, Windows, and mobile endpoints in the cloud-based management platform to deliver a simpler management strategy for a business of any size. They named the product as Sophos Mobile 8, which includes the latest mobile security and anti-ransomware technology to protect devices against the evolving threat. It will soon be available in the cloud-based platform and for installation on the customer’s own premises.

They have promised their Unified Endpoint Management solution will protect user productivity within a secure operating environment. Its innovation has led to endpoint protection based on deep learning technology to deliver market-leading levels of detection and prevention. Their goal is to extend that predictive security layer to all endpoints, including mobile devices, giving customers the most comprehensive security tools to maintain secure, productive working environments.

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