Security technology would continue to be as important for businesses in 2019 as it was in 2018; in fact, it would be much more important in 2019 than it was in 2018.

As we know, security technology today is integral to business operations and contributes greatly to the continuity of any business and its operational efficiency. In a world where cybersecurity issues are on the rise, businesses need to use security technology for ensuring better, improved operational efficiency and for better continuity, as already mentioned. Thus, there is the need to take things beyond the traditional level as it’s sustained safety that any organization would need in the present context. Security management today needs to be extremely streamlined and intelligent.

Let’s take a look at how security technology needs to be used in 2019 to ensure better business continuity and improved operational efficiency:

Using security technology to manage and mitigate organizational risks

Businesses today need to use security technology to manage and to mitigate organizational risks. Business organizations today comprise buildings that stand in close proximity to one another and which host hundreds and thousands of employees who’d be dealing with sensitive data (customer data and well as financial data). This itself poses a wide range of security challenges and hence it becomes important for businesses to monitor these risks- insider threats, terror attacks, natural disasters, cyberattacks, theft of intellectual property etc. Thus, security technology needs to be utilized to keep an eye on all activities that happen in and around the premises in which a business organization is based. It’s only if all activities are monitored that a business can initiate correct responses whenever there is a security incident of any kind.

Using security technology to make business more cost-effective

Making businesses more cost-effective, i.e., reducing business costs is of strategic importance and security technology would definitely play a crucial role in this by helping to streamline business operations. Consolidating all security data management into a single user interface, cutting costs by considerable reductions in response time and false alarms etc too help businesses turn more cost-efficient. Similarly, if the security management system is streamlined and intelligent, it ensures significant returns on investments for any business.

Using security technology for crisis management

Crisis management, within any organization, is of great importance. Sometimes, especially when an organization comprises non-traditional structures, crisis management becomes a big challenge. It’s here that security technology comes handy in addressing and overcoming logistical challenges of all kinds. Crisis management documentation, training and exercises, systematic analysis of case studies, a clear focus on functional areas and such things that come as part of the implementation of security technology help businesses manage all kinds of crises.

Using security technology to help businesses meet compliance standards

A business organization that has a CSIM (Converged Security and Information Management) platform would find it easy to meet compliance standards. The CSIM platform would seamlessly incorporate new software with the company’s specific compliance standards, which in turn would ensure better security and efficiency. This also helps businesses save themselves from the fines that would be imposed on them for not meeting compliance standards. Let’s not forget that many businesses worldwide get impacted by cyberattacks just because they don’t meet compliance standards; the compliance standards are set to ensure better security for all business organizations.

To conclude, let’s remember that security technology is not just using effective security software, but comprising many other elements as well. This includes analysis, responding to issues and incidents, taking the appropriate action etc. It’s only then that security technology can be used to improve business continuity and enhance efficiency.

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