Are you among the Apple fanboys? If yes, then you must know about the magical piece of glass that came out this year on March 24. Yes, it’s the iPad Pro 2020 that has recently launched in the market and is making people crazy over it and its advertisements. 

Further, it says that iPad Pro is a computer, but it is not. On top of it is the fastest PC that you might have ever used, and any laptop could ever catch. 

It means this might be in your budget, but it is still not easy to catch because of its splendid speed. The amazingly built iPad Pro also has a camera, which can transform reality.

Well, it is all that Apple claims about their newly launched, and the buzzing device. Therefore here we will analyze everything about the iPad Pro from its features to its advertisements. So, stick here and gather some more information related to this computer (it isn’t).

What The Advertisement Of The iPad Pro says?

If you have not seen the must-watch advertisement for Apple’s new launch, then you can read it out here. The first advertisement says that the new iPad Pro is your next computer, but it is not a PC! Moreover, it is way faster than any other PC and laptops out there in the market. Apple also portrayed that you can touch the monitor and even gears yourself up for augmented reality, and that is the current need for many of us indeed. Apple has correctly shown all aspects in their very own peculiar way.

So on the other side if you will take a look at the second ad, then you might find it quite funny. It tries to hold and engage you by tugging your emotions. The purpose of this advertisement is clear, and that is to guide the beginners about proper computing. Further, it also lures the users of laptops, who use it by keeping it on their laps. 

These were two of the advertisements by Apple, which correctly serves their purpose of catching the eyes of the views.

Features That You Can Access In The Fastest PC

Pro cameras

We all are well aware that Apple is also well known for its superb camera quality. But have you ever expected to have a supreme camera in a PC? Yes, here you are getting pro cameras that are advanced and joined with a large display. The ultimate performance, along with the and highly standardized sensors, further enhances the user experience and makes iPad Pro 2020 a uniquely capable device to have.

Here, you get the Wide (10MP) and new Ultra Wide cameras (10MP), which can assist you in capturing whatever you want. Isn’t it amazing how with a PC you can do every possible work of a mobile? On top of it, the new iPad Pro has studio‑quality mics and four-speaker audio to make your lives even more fun. Wait, this is not it; you can also set up a multi‑camera filmmaking rig.

 Trackpad Support

The new iPad Pro comes with iPadOs 13.4, which gives the user cursor support to the iPad Pro. When connected with the trackpad via Bluetooth, you can use the feature of the cursor. The cursor shown on the iPad Pro is not the usual computer cursor; it is a dark circle type cursor that is easy to use and comes with gesture support.

Talking about the gestures in the new iPad Pro, there are some differences in the gestures as compared to mac, but most of the gestures are the same. So there are new things to learn about this year’s Apple iPad pro. The cursor in the new iPad Pro works most of the time, but not always. There are some websites in the safari where you can use it as a regular mouse and enjoy the benefits of a cursor. The cursor makes the workflow fast and hence adds on a feature like a computer on your Apple iPad Pro.

A12Z Bionic Chip

The Apple iPad Pro comes with A12z bionic chip, which can easily handle demanding tasks hence gives you an excellent performance. You can easily edit your videos, make presentations, and do other demanding stuff on the new iPad pro. The eight-core GPU in the A12Z Bionic chip gives the iPad pro highest performance ever in the history of iPad Pro.

You can even do multitasking easily on the iPad Pro and will never feel any lag in terms of performance. Despite being a performance master, there are no compromises on the design perspective in the iPad pro as the design remains thin and light. The battery life of the iPad pro increased to up to 10 hours with faster wifi connectivity the user remains connected and creative.


So if you want to have a PC, which is not a PC, then you can take a look into the newly launched iPad Pro. 

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