Do you also feel your device is safe because of the antivirus that has more than 435 million monthly active users? Yes, we are talking about the Avast antivirus! It shares the most significant market among the malware application vendors across the globe. In the year 2017, it was one of the most famed antivirus dealers in the market.

Avast keeps on detecting the bugs in their emulators to ensure the safety of the users. A vast number of users rely on this antivirus for the security of their data. The latest information that is coming from is that due to vulnerability, an emulator used by Avast Antivirus has disabled.

Yes, if you had already come across this news, then its okay, but if you are getting to know this for the first time, then stick here to get an overall glance related to this. Know why the most crucial component of Avast shut down and will it adversely affect the user experience or not.

Vulnerability in emulator used by Avast antivirus

It would be best if you thanked Avast because recently, it disabled the significant component in its Windows anti-malware suite that can pose a threat to the security of users. The team of Google Project Zero’s Tavis Ormandy and his colleagues alarmed the developer of the Avast antivirus to design flaws in the code. Then the makers of software decided to switch it off. 

Avast says that Ormandy detected a remote-code execution risk in the software potentially. Still, the details regarding this are not shared publically. It is undoubtedly a useful and crucial step taken from the side of Avast makers for the sake of the user’s safety because it was one of the significant emulator used by Avast.

What Was The Threat Posed By The Vulnerability In The Emulator Used By Avast?

No one can deny the fact that risks are always there. Similarly, there were possibilities that this vulnerability can pave a path for cybercriminals into manipulating the AvastSvc.exe.  

On top of it, the topic of concern was if the hackers ever found a severe bug in the antivirus software, they can potentially booby-trap JavaScript files on websites or emails to exploit it easily.

Where Did The Security Flaw Occur?

The flaw came out in the Avast’s JavaScript engine. It is one of the internal elements of Avast antivirus, which intends to analyze the JavaScript code for malware before allowing it to implement in email clients, and browsers.

According to Tavis Ormandy, who is a security researcher at Google, it is unsandboxed and had inadequate mitigation coverage, despite being one of the reputed antiviruses. Further, the vulnerabilities in the process are serious, plus the remote attackers could easily access it.

In March 2020, the researcher also came out with a tool to allow for the analysis of vulnerability in the emulator. Further, he also added that any issue that will occur could prove to be wormable and critical too. But within the two days later to this information, Avast decided to disable the emulator world-widely, so that it will not have any negative impact on the security of the users.

Will disabling the emulator used by Avast can cause any problem?

Several questions popped out after the vulnerability detected in Avast. If you are also worried about how this disabling of emulator used by Avast will affect its user, then do not stress out. According to the security firm, it will not have any harmful impact on the functionality of Avast.


Antiviruses are there to safeguard users’ data from getting it hacked or threatened by any of the hackers. But there are several situations where a bug can pose a significant threat, and that needs to eliminate as soon as possible. Makers of Avast also did the same by pulling out one of its major components from the antivirus.

JavaScript, which was the most vital emulator used by Avast, was detected with such a problem this year. But being one of the privileged malware application vendors, Avast immediately disabled this internal component. The vulnerability in the emulator was harmful, and further, it might have lead to remote code execution. Therefore it was vital to take some severe measures to stop it from potentially harming the security of the users.

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