The Canadian federal government recently rolled out a new cybersecurity plan that upgrades the first iteration that was released way back in 2010. Canada’s newly released cybersecurity plan aims to deliver better protection to the country, particularly its citizens and local businesses, against rapidly growing online security threats.

But cybercriminals don’t just initiate attacks on users residing in more technologically and economically advanced countries like Canada. Whoever you are and wherever in the world you are right now, a cybersecurity threat can happen to you anytime.

Cyber attacks’ reach involves every type of online user, not just individuals but also companies and institutions. The devices like our computers and smartphones contain important data and information that cybercriminals would love to have access to. You might also have confidential information on your email accounts that you can’t afford to lose. With all of these, online users have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with proper cybersecurity knowledge to hopefully prevent becoming a potential victim of a cybercrime.

Cybercriminals now have become more sophisticated. They don’t just develop and initiate attacks that are easily detected and stopped. They make it more difficult for users, especially those who lack enough cybersecurity knowledge, to detect and prevent a possible cyber attack. They are criminals who steal confidential information such as your bank and credit card information and funnel money from them.

You can start practicing a smarter way of online browsing by learning basic cybersecurity knowledge. Always be cautious about your online behavior. Do not just click any link or download any file. Be vigilant about the web pages you visit and even about the online ads you click. Keep your devices and online accounts safe by downloading special software and browser extensions that can help keep away cyber threat attacks.

As we continue to live in the golden age of the Internet, cyber threats will also continue to rapidly grow and affect more and more internet users. In fact, by 2019, cybercrime is projected to become a $2 trillion business.

The continuous growth in technology is always a good thing. It helps us make our daily lives easier and more convenient. But nothing is perfect. These constant innovations have opened a door of opportunity for criminals to inflict online crimes to defenseless computer users. With this, a comprehensive cybersecurity knowledge will come handy to protect your data and sensitive information from being stolen by cyber thieves.

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